IMC Japanese special (automobile special formula) can be applied to the scope of the car box, and its natural attachment ability is extremely strong, which establishes a continuous antibacterial and deodorizing inside the car box, decomposes VOCs formaldehyde, and can also decompose the malodor caused by cigarettes. . The safe water catalyst is an inorganic decomposition liquid that exists in nature in accordance with international regulations such as RoHS and REACH, does not contain chemical substances harmful to humans and the environment.

Considering the safety of the human body will not be scattered after construction, pass the oral toxicity test, skin irritation test variant test (human carcinogenicity) safety test, the general effect of the use of Japan-made nano-specific spray guns for spraying the entire cage.

Its unique hydrophilic properties can make the surface of the object not easy to adhere to the dust and effectively maintain the cleanliness of the IMC water catalyst. The natural attachment ability of the IMC water catalyst is never added. No chemical adhesive is added, which will not damage the leather surface and cause burst.
And it can form a 7H hard film on the surface of the object. It has been tested 5000 times by the Japanese JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard). It has extremely high wear resistance. It will produce different hardness on different materials. When not damaged, the physical characteristics are permanently effective, and now the air conditioner becomes an air purifier.