Test report TitleCountryContents of reportDate
Feline Enteric Corona virusJapanFeline Enteric Corona virus. WSU79-16832020/6/4
Anti-mildewGuangdong province, ChinaEscherichia coli (antibacterial rate 99.99%)2018/05/31
Skin Oral Test Multiple skin irritation and mouth toxicity testsGuangdong province, ChinaMultiple skin non-irritation, mouth toxicity test (non-toxic)2018/05/16
Acetaldehyde xyleneGuangdong province, ChinaAcetaldehyde (removal rate 25.3%) // xylene (removal rate 79.3%)2018/04/26
Formaldehyde TolueneGuangdong province, ChinaFormaldehyde (removal rate 60.2%) // toluene (removal rate 70.6%)2018/04/26
Skin irritation test report by SGSHong Kong SGSMultiple skin non-irritation2018/04/09
MRA resistance testJapan"0" completely sterile2018/01/11
Test certificate-wear 5000 timesJapanWear-resistant 5000 pass-can withstand 5000 washings without being washed off2017/05/23
ROHS and Reach CertificateJapanComply with international regulations, free of chemical substances harmful to human body and environment2017/02/03
Test report-ethylbenzeneGuangdong province, ChinaEthylbenzene (removal rate 75.4%)2013/12/05
Test report-benzeneGuangdong province, ChinaBenzene (removal rate 58.9%)2013/12/05
Test report-styreneGuangdong province, ChinaStyrene (removal rate 87%)2013/12/05
IMC Japan “Skin Test” skin irritation test reportJapannon-irritating to skin2007/05/09
IMC Japan Oral Test oral toxicity test reportJapanAnxiety, no death, no abnormality, no body shape changes2007/04/18
Test Certificate-Deodorization ReportJapanDeodorant, acetic acid, reduction rate 95.2%2006/01/20
Test certificate-ArmoniaJapan82.5% reduction rate2006/01/20
Test certificate-MRSAJapanPlant activity value log A4.4 (bacteria) has antibacterial ability2005/12/28
Test certificate-coliformJapanPhytobacterial activity value log B-logC = 3.4> (1.5 greater than 1.5) has antibacterial ability2005/12/28
Test certificate-pneumoniaJapanPhytobacterial activity value log B-logA = 3.1 (> 1.5 greater than 1.5) has antibacterial ability2005/12/28
Test Certificate-Staphylococcus aureusJapanPhytobacterial activity value log B-logA = 2.6 ((> 1.5 greater than 1.5) has antibacterial ability2005/12/28
Test Certificate-Pseudomonas aeruginosaJapanPhytobacterial activity value log B-logA = 2.7 ((> 1.5 greater than 1.5) has antibacterial ability2005/12/28