Keeping the indoor environment aseptic and hygienic is the prerequisite for creating a high-quality and healthy life. In our homes, it is easy to hide countless invisible "behind-the-scenes". In order to allow children and families to live in peace of mind, the wide application of water catalysts It can solve your troubles. As long as you spray water catalyst on the walls, ceilings, carpets, curtains, refrigerators, air conditioners and large furniture in your home, its continuous antibacterial effect can cover 99% of the entire residence. , Help your home to build a strong antibacterial protective cover in all directions, greatly reducing the spread of germs. In addition, you can also spray highly attached water catalysts on clothing and shoes to further make your daily life more antibacterial.

High pedestrian activity area is the place where virus bacteria are cross infection. This is because the surface will be left numerous bacteria after touched by lots of people, which is the evil backstage manipulator of health hazard. Water catalyst can play the greatest effect in a high pedestrian activity area, because of its strong attachment force and wear resistance make water catalyst has a close permanent anti-bacterial function. It can avoid the use of bleaching water, which will cause carcinogenic chemical product "trihalomethanes" when applying to a site, and do not need to disinfect several times in a day. If more people touch the surface, it only needs to spray every three months, six months or a year. It not only greatly saves manpower and save the money of purchasing one-time disinfection chemical, but also allows the environment to keep the long-lasting effect of continuous antibacterial.

In addition, as all types of air conditioners, dehumidifiers, water-cooled coolers, ventilation pipes today do not have the continuous antibacterial effect, which resulted in breeding and spreading bacterial. Thus, some places can only use perfume to cover the mold smell from bacterial.

If "water catalyst" is added to the surface of wall, carpets, curtains, mattresses, furniture, air-conditioning systems, ventilation pipes etc., and the place has a continuous antibacterial shield. In this case, where is the change of producing musty comes from? This will not only greatly reduce the cost of site maintenance in the future, but also improve the goodwill of the place. Thus, everyone is assured to have a continuous antibacterial protective place.